Do Observe One way link PR 9

backlink pr 9Do Follow Backlink PR 9

1)Remaining.fm, Google Web page Rank – eight  Alexa Rank 945, a track neighborhood website which had a lot of boards or teams for you to sign up for with.Join as new member. Replace your profile and add your website URL.Putting in a profile on Ultimate.fm will get you a easy do-observe hyperlink;you don’t have any regulate over the anchor textual content as they merely use the URL because the anchor textual content. As with these kind of profiles,you don’t have to make use of the carrier with a view to get the hyperlink—you simply want to arrange the profile.

Instance : http://www.last.fm/user/xemtiviplus

2) Technorati.com,Google Page Rank – 8 Alexa Rank 1653, a blog indexing and ranking service. It is easy to create a profile and add a link to your Web site (again, no choice of anchor text).As an additional bonus, you can claim any blogs you have to add another link, as well as your RSS feed.

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Example : http://technorati.com/people/biplabnayakhaldia

3)Identi.ca, Google Page Rank – 8 Alexa Rank 8254, an open source social networking and micro-blogging service, similar to twitter. The backlink is do-follow  For those who don’t know what identi is, it is basically a website platform similar to Twitter. This will actually give your website a very powerful backlink to start with.

Example :http://identi.ca/biplabnayakhaldia

4) Feedage.com, Google Page Rank – 6 Alexa Rank 9896, RSS feeder where you can promote your sites feeds.
The backlink is dofollow.Feedage.com is a categorized and searchable RSS feed directory.It’s further explained that their goal is to categorize and organize large numbers of RSS data feeds to make viewing them more easier for end users.The directory was created and grown by adding RSS feeds into queue.Machine readable pages are then created off the partial item syndication of each RSS feed queued.In other words, when a new RSS feed is added into their directory, a new webpage is created that syndicates the partial feed of each entry.

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Example :http://www.feedage.com/feeds/22871127/free-auto-backlinks-and-page-rank-9-links

5)Squidoo.com Lens, Google Page Rank – 7  Alexa Rank 237.
Squidoo Lens is a great way of article promotion and getting high quality back link as well.Create an account on Squidoo.com and create a Lens. Lens is nothing but a web page in which you can put your blog and article links.

Example : http://www.squidoo.com/mp3-search-engine2

6)Weheartit.com,Google Page Rank – 6  Alexa Rank 970, the site is about Collection of your favorite images.Add a favorite image of your website to get a do-follow backlink from this site.

Example :http://weheartit.com/entry/55911835/via/biplabnayak

7)w3-directory.com, Google Page Rank – 4  Alexa Rank 24739. W3 Web Directory – the World Wide Web Directory by country – You seek to escape, to inform you, you seek an employment, or quite simply you wish to discuss.By adding your website you will get a dofollow backlink of the site.

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Example : http://www.w3-directory.com/vote-w3-directory.php?id_site_vote=40196

8)Extremetracking.com, Google Page Rank – 7  Alexa Rank 2760.It is about statastic of your website to Collect Information about visitors.You can Find Patterns and Understand.create an account and add your website information.You will get a dofollow backlink for your site.

Example : http://extremetracking.com/open?login=biphal

9)Behance.com, Google Page Rank – 7  Alexa Rank 993.Behance is a platform for creative people and teams to showcase and discover creative work. It is a product of New York-based company.create an account and add your website information in the profile settings.You will get a do-follow backlink for your site.

Example : http://www.behance.net/biplabnayak

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